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Fast VPS & FinTech Services is a firm based out of Silicon Valley of India named as Bangalore, which specializes in Financial Technology (FinTech) software and Server Virtualizations.

The Brokers that provide Financial Trading on Meta Trader platform and Multi Account Managers (MAM) use our services as a great FinTech auxiliary to facilitate trade management, trade copying, expert advisors/robots to clients.

We use high class cloud servers like those of Google and Amazon Web Service and virtualize them to create custom Virtual Private Severs (VPS) to suit your trading needs.

Besides serving brokers and MAM managers, we also serve individual traders with VPS, Trade Copier Tools, Expert Advisors/Robots and Brokers' MT4 platform customized by us. We configure and modify (from time to time as per your need) the whole suite of trade management for you. We work with some great partner brokers whose trading execution and funding policies are compatible with our MAM, Trade Copier and all other services.

Having experienced the transition of online trading technology from MetaTrader 3 to MetaTrader 5, we are developing the same services even for MetaTrader 5. However, the services for MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is still in beta testing stage. There are two different modes in MT5, Hedging and Netting; which are two absolutely different way of entering, re-entering and exiting trades. Our services for MT5 hedging mode is available for testing by MAMs and brokers. Please note that MT5 hedging mode is pretty similar to MT4. Since netting mode of MT5 is quite different from MT4, more testing is required to deliver an accurate suite of trade management for it. We keep our subscribers updated by emails about ongoing development of our services for MT5 netting mode.

Update: All services/features are now available for both modes of MT5, including the netting mode.

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