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  • Cancellation & Refund policy

All subscriptions are cancelled automatically at 11:59 p.m. IST of the due date if payment is not received before or on renewal date.

Having seen abuse of chargeback, we decided to have a No Refund Policy:

Your subscription to VPS is a prepaid service, no refund can be given later whether you use it or not.

Your subscription to copy trading is a prepaid service, no refund will be given after payment irrespective of profit/loss later made in trading. So, copy trades of any trader/Trade Copy Leader on your risk. 

Europeans are advised to do demo of any trading related software or subscription to software on Metatrader for free for 14 days. So, any payment made by Europeans too will not be refunded. 


The success fee is a postpaid fee which is received after the client has already utilized the service; hence a refund of success fee is not feasible. ​

Please note that any negotiated special pricing agreed upon will be void, if your subscription is cancelled because of no renewal on the due date. If you wish to renew at a later date, you must renew at the non-reduced, normal price for that service. 

Due to the digital nature of the MAM and Trade Copying software, we are unable to provide refunds on any purchases. 

If you feel that you were inappropriately charged for a service or product, or would like to speak to someone about a refund for a different reason, please submit an email support ticket to Although it actually never happened, services cancelled/terminated by Fast VPS & FinTech Services, for violating our terms of service, do not qualify for a refund. For example, if Muti Account Management Module of a Multi Account Manager (MAM) or a Trade Copy Leader (TCL) is cancelled due to violation of our T & C; any subscription fee or cost of purchase paid for it will not be refunded, however the issue will be investigated and we will mediate our best to establish reconciliation between the MAM/TCL and their clients transparently. We believe strongly in upholding good and morale etiquette in ALL of our online proceedings and encourage our clients to do the same. Fast VPS & FinTech Services customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. IST at for any billing related questions.

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