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Services, fee policy, etc.

Here are the details of each component of the complete suite of trade management on MetaTrader. You can use any one(s) or the whole suite as per your need.

Virtual Private Server

Unlike the most automated systems that facilitate very limited customization, we facilitate fully customized virtual private servers by manually virtualizing each VPS. Send us details of your trading needs, such as no. of instances of MT4, daily average no. of opened and closed trading positions and/or financial trade/transactions , etc. to get configuration details of required VPS for you along with price quote. As well, send us details of Expert Advisors (EA)/robots if you are going to use one. We will figure out accordingly what should be an optimum configuration of your VPS.

Trade Copier tool

Trading Floor

We install and configure the Trade Copier tool to meet your trading requirements accurately. Let's say you want to copy trades from a trader but you want to take less risk, we can configure less lot size ratio% for this purpose.  Let's say a trader trades indices, stocks, Forex and commodities; you want to copy only forex trades, we can configure the Trade Copier to filter our trades of all instruments other than Forex. Moreover, we can provide a simulated report for each Forex pair or each trading instrument separately; so you can decide which all pairs or instruments we should filter out. The traders whose trade you copy are termed Trade Copy Leaders.

Expert Advisor or Algo Robot

Computer Robot

if you have a trading strategy based on written set of rules technical analysis and algorithm, we can convert your strategy into an automated trading system which is also called algo trading robot or expert advisor (EAs). We currently develop, modify, install and configure EAs performantly on MetaTrader 4. However, EAs can be programmed or changed to be compatible even for MT5 for its hedging mode, but you must understand that a whole new program will be needed for MT5 netting mode. You can reach us for modification of your existing EA as well.

Multi Account Manager tool

Financial Analyst

Multi Account Management (MAM) module or Profit/Percent Allocation Management module (PAMM) of a broker doesn't attach accounts of other brokers, which is why the multi account managers who work with multiple brokers need a solution. Our Multi Account Management module can attach any number of MT4/5 accounts of any number of brokers. It uses trade allocation system unlike many PAMMs which use profit allocation system, so each of your clients can see trades in their MT4/5 platforms separately. Since trades are allocated to all clients separately, managers don't need to pool all funds of clients in a single master account. Some of brokers virtually show a sum total of all clients funds in the master accounts, however real funds indeed stay in each client's account separately. This feature of our MAM is very useful for the brokers who are required to segregate clients' funds and for the multi account fund managers who don't accept and pools up clients' funds. 

Fees policy

Holding Money
  • Success Fee:

To encourage our clients, we don't take any subscription fee for our VPS, MAM and Trade Copier if you use them with our associated MAM managers, Trade Copy Leaders or/and brokers. We get fees as you succeed in trading, we receive a portion of your trading performance fee of MAMs or fee of Trade Copier Leader or/and brokerage revenue of the  brokers. Payments for all associated MAMs and Trade Copy Leaders are taken by us.

  • Subscription Fee:

All clients have to pay either a one time fee for purchase or a subscription based fees for Robots/EAs. ​

All individuals have to pay subscription fees for all services if they use them with non-associated MAMs, Trade Copy Leaders or/and brokers besides separate payments to the non-associated MAMs and Trade Copy Leaders . 


All MAM manager, Trade Copy Leaders and Brokers have to pay subscription fee or revenue based fee.

Please contact for quotation. 

Please read our T & C and Cancellation & Refund Policy before taking any service. You will be deemed to have read and agreed to them by taking our services.

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